The Importance Of Preparing Your Health For Pregnancy

Why it's SO important to improve your health & lifestyle for pregnancy | taught by Tami Lloyd
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Tami Lloyd
Tami Lloyd
Health Coach

About the Instructor

Tami is a dedicated mum of one (soon to be two) who is passionate about health and encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves they can be. She believes that there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of your family.

She has been in the health and fitness industry since 2010, when she worked as a Personal Trainer. Always having had a never waning interest in nutrition and focused on offering a more holistic approach to help improve people’s lives, she then completed her studies as a Health Coach in 2015.

In 2016 she embarked on a mission to help improve the health of our future generation. From Tami’s own personal experiences through fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood, along with years of research she is determined to help others understand the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle to ensure the best future for their families.

Tami is incredibly passionate about the health, happiness and well-being of her own family and wants to share this passion with others to help them set their families up for positive and pro-active futures.

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The Importance of Preparing For Pregnancy Lesson

This lesson is a quick intro into some of the areas that you need to be thinking about before you even start trying to conceive. There are a number of aspects of our lifestyles these days that need specific attention and for most of us, there are some significant improvements that need to be made to ensure when you do fall pregnant your body and lifestyle is as clean as possible to give bub the best environment to grow and develop and which will enable you to provide them with the best start for a healthy, happy and active life.

Some of the areas we touch on:

  • Why this preparation is essential
  • Some of the areas of your health and lifestyle that you need to be considering when it comes to this next step in your lives
  • Some of the benefits you will experience through making the necessary health improvements
  • Some of the potential short term and life long benefits that your future little one will experience when you take the time to clean up your health and environment before conceiving


  • Is there a cost for this Lesson?

No. This Lesson is available to you at absolutely no cost. It is my way of helping you get started on your health and wellness journey in preparation for your future family.

  • What if I'm already pregnant?

That's no problem at all, you will still find this Lesson really useful and it will help you to highlight some areas of your lifestyle that may need attention. It is never too late to start making improvements to your and bub's health.

  • How long does the Lesson take to complete

The Lesson is less than half an hour.

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Survey
1.0 hr